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3 years ago

15 BBL Brewhouse

15 BBL Steam Brewhouse

ABS Commercial's Brewhouse Brewing System
  • Standard 2 Vessel configuration with HLT and Heat ex-changer and 20 BBL Hot Liquor Tank.
  • All piping(except piping for HLT to mash-tun)
  • Mash/Lauter tun, Kettle/Whirlpool,
  • Work platform with stairs and railing
  • 3 sanitary pumps
  • Brewhouse plumbing, valves, sight-glass, heat exchanger, rakes, all vessels on steam systems jacketed
  • Motor, Gear box, Control Panel equipped with 4-5 VFD’s, Thermocouples, PID controllers, Relays, Transformers, Grist Hydrator.
  • Recommended steam generator size 15-20 HP.
  • All pumps and rakes variable speed for superior fluid control.