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Mash and Lauter Tanks

ABS Commercial is a full-service brewery and parts outfitter. From our corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina to our secondary sales office in Denver, Colorado, we are proud to offer brew houses, tanks and small parts to brewers across the country. Brew houses and fermenters from 3 BBL, ancillary components including steam boilers and chillers, stainless Tri-Clamp parts, yeast brinks and keg washers. We have some of the quickest lead times in the industry along with a huge inventory of tanks between 3-120 BBL in stock. Most of our brewhouse equipment can be certified to ASME, CU & UL standards, where applicable.


ABS Commercial has Mash/Lauter designs ranging from 3 BBL-60 BBL. We also specialize in custom Mash/Lauter tanks of any size.

Mash/Lauter/HLT Combo

ABS Commercial has Mash/Lauter/HLT designs ranging from 3 BBL-15 BBL. We also specialize in custom Mash/Lauter/HLT tanks of any size.

Mash Tun

ABS Commercial Mash Tun with designs ranging from 5-60 BBL. Designed for mash mixing with motorized rakes, grist hydrator and oversized transfer piping.

Lauter Tun

ABS Commercial Lauter Tun with designs ranging from 5-60 BBL. Designed for efficient lautering with motorized cutting rakes, V screen false bottom, multi-draw outlets, sparge ring assembly, underlet CIP, manometer sight glass, vorlauf assembly and grain plow.