Enhancing Quality in Brewing: ABS Commercial and White Labs

ABS Commercial has been a full-service equipment and parts outfitter for over 10 years. From our corporate headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina we are proud to offer customizable stainless steel vessels including brewhouses, tanks, keg washers, and small parts to customers across the country. We have some of the quickest lead times in the industry along with a huge inventory of tanks between 3-90 BBL kept in stock. Most of our equipment can be certified to ASME, CU & UL standards, where applicable.
white labs collaboration

In the world of craft brewing, the pursuit of quality stands as a cornerstone for success. Acknowledging this, White Labs and ABS Commercial, two prominent figures in the brewing industry, have partnered in a special collaboration.

Combining Expertise for Superior Results

White Labs, renowned for its premium yeast strains and fermentation expertise, brings to the table a legacy of innovation and excellence. With a commitment to advancing the craft of fermentation and positively impacting the brewing community, White Labs has long been a trusted partner for breweries seeking to optimize their fermentation processes and enhance the flavor profiles of their beers.

ABS Commercial is a premier full-service equipment manufacturer, specializing in customizable stainless steel vessels and technical process solutions for the brewing industry and beyond. Our team is comprised of experienced brewers, distillers, salespeople, project managers, and engineers who can help you design the system for your facility. We know the ins and outs of the brewing process and we approach everything from the mindset of the brewer. We have spent over 10 years continuously improving our equipment through in-house testing at our sister company, Raleigh Brewing Company, as well as through hundreds of installations around the country. 

This partnership brings together the expertise aimed at empowering breweries to achieve unparalleled levels of quality in their products and optimize every stage of the brewing process.

A Special Collaboration

Last week, ABS Commercial, White Labs, and Pilot Brewing Company teamed up to brew a special collaboration beer, “It Girl,” with ABS Commercial’s sister company – Raleigh Brewing. A Munich-style Helles lager, “It Girl” is crisp and confident, polished, flawless, and performs well under pressure. She is THAT girl.

This beer was made using White Labs Yeast, WLP925 High Pressure Lager Yeast. This strain is ideal for fermenting under pressure, allowing for the production of a clean flavor profile.  Fermenting under pressure reduces ester and fusel alcohol production, reduces or negates the possibility of oxidation, carbonates the beer during fermentation, and allows you to ferment warmer than you would otherwise.

Pilot Brewing Company is a fellow woman-owned brewery based in Charlotte, NC, and a customer of ABS Commercial and White Labs. Their mission is to produce unique, quality beers with high standards while using quality ingredients – making them the perfect brewery to join us in this collaboration. Through the use of experimental recipe design, with both modern and traditional brewing techniques, Pilot Brewing provides fresh, local brews one barrel at a time.

We are excited to release this beer for ABS Commercial and Raleigh Brewery Company’s 11th Anniversary on March 9, 2024. We will also be bringing this special collaboration to pour at the 2024 Craft Brewers Conference in Las Vegas, April 24 – 27, 2024.

Cultivating Community & Giving Back

White Labs is all about “Pitching In” to support the communities they are a part of not only through donations and sponsorships but through their own charity, Beer for Boobs. In 2021, White Labs started a global Guild Partnership program to support the regional guilds and associations around the world. These guilds are at the center of their communities and we recognize their importance within the brewing industry.

For over ten years, ABS Commercial has been dedicated to supporting the brewing industry and helping brewers grow and prosper. During the pandemic in 2020, we started the ABS Giveback Campaign to help breweries impacted by COVID-19. Today, ABS has continued giving back to the industry and providing support and tools that can help breweries achieve a higher level of success.

As a part of this collaboration, ABS Commercial and White Labs are also teaming up for a special giveback of a perfect pairing – an ABS yeast brink + White Labs Pro PurePitch Next Generation yeast. White Labs offers an expansive variety of strains, with high viability, distinct flavors, and predictable performance. ABS Commercial offers yeast brinks, an incredibly helpful tool to harvest yeast, helping you streamline yeast banking, pitching, growing up large pitches, and transferring brink to brink. Keep your yeast stored under pressure, well-preserved until you’re ready to pitch into your next batch of beer.

Collaboration Giveaway: Yeast Brink + 1 Pro PurePitch Next Generation Pouch of Yeast

Looking Forward

We look forward to continuing our journey toward excellence, guided by a shared commitment to raising the bar for quality in craft beer production, and empowering breweries to unlock new levels of quality, consistency, and innovation in their brewing ventures.


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